Finding Harmony in Yoga

Every now and then I attend a workshop that on the surface seems completely unrelated to yoga, yet on some level is totally related in terms of philosophy and teachings. I was at a singing workshop yesterday where the teacher was talking about how we can learn, through singing, to live in harmony with each other and ourselves. We each bring our own unique voice, blend it with others in 4 (or more!) part harmonies, and create an amazing sound. No voice is better or worse than another, just different, and it is our individual sounds that create the whole. In yoga, we each bring our own unique bodies and share a space exploring what those bodies can do. If we can let go of competition, judgement and comparison, we too can create harmony, discovering love, acceptance and an understanding that we are all on the same journey, however different it looks on the outside. Some of you look at me demonstrating in class and think how easy the postures are for me, yet I can tell you, when I stood on that rock in the picture above practicing Garudasana, the Eagle pose, I was just as scared, just as wobbly and just as challenged as you are in class! I really had to concentrate, remember to breathe, and go slow so I didn't fall off! It is this inner experience that connects us all, not what we look like on the outside. So whether you have your foot on the floor, off the floor, wrapped around the other leg...if you are being challenged, finding your centre, becoming grounded, discovering things about yourself and your body, learning to be are in exactly the right place for you, and in the same place as everyone else. So here's to harmony, inside and out!

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